First Ukrainian Military Cast Iron

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, April 14, 2022
First Ukrainian Military Cast Iron

"ArcelorMittal Krivyy Rih" cast the first batch of military iron

Ukrainian enterprises stopped working at the beginning of the Russian offensive. But the Ukrainian authorities called for the resumption of work in quiet regions in the first month of the struggle for freedom. The Dnipro region is now considered a place with potential danger but strong protection. Therefore, small enterprises started to operate in the region, and now it has launched its activities and metallurgical plant.

ArcelorMittal Krivyy Rih started working after 1.5 months of silence. However, in April, the blast furnace started working to produce military raw materials. The enterprise completely changed the supply of materials and logistics of finished products. On April 12, the plant received the first 1.000 tons of finished iron for military use. This amount of production wants to receive daily, but the stabilization of the work will take about 6 days.

The mayor of Krivyy Rih, Vilkul Oleksandr, noted that this is a great success for the country and an important element for the victory of Ukraine in this war.

"Titanic work. New logistics of raw material supply. New logistics of shipment of products. I thank the CEO, Mauro Longobardo, the management, and the entire work team of our metallurgists. I thank transport minister Oleksander Kubrakov and head of management Ukrzaliznytsia Oleksander Kamishyn for assistance with logistics. A working economy is the blood system of the state, it’s work and salary, taxes are bullets and projectiles to destroy enemies. We will win," wrote the mayor of Krivyy Rih.

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