Foreign Flag. Russian Oil. Ukrainian Blood

by Olha Povaliaieva
Saturday, June 25, 2022
Foreign Flag. Russian Oil. Ukrainian Blood

Russian tankers continue to supply oil to European ports

At the beginning of June, the European Union adopted 6 a series of restrictions that include an oil embargo. The rejection of Russian oil will not be lightning. However, under the plan to phase out the purchase of oil from Russia, Europe has already given up offshore oil supplies. But according to the investigation of the international platform OCCRP, Europe continues to buy oil from Russia and receive its tankers.

During the investigation, experts learned that a company of the Russian Federation organized subsidiaries in Cyprus and the United Arab Emirates. The Russian company Sovcomflot continues to ply the seas, selling oil products and receiving money for it. Since the parent company is in Russia, the money for oil continues to flow to the aggressor country. OCCRP claims that the company uses at least 18 ships, but it is almost impossible to prove it. Because an organization can disable trackers and rename ships.

In less than a month of the fuel embargo, each of the ships raised at least $240 million. It is known that the Russian ships were in the ports of Italy, Denmark, and the Netherlands. But it was not possible to find out who was the customer.

International policy and finance specialist Ricardo Soares also states that Russian tankers can deliver oil under Liberian flags. This will be the easiest way to earn billions for the continuation of the war in Ukraine.

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