Foreign universities have the right to open branches in Ukraine

Tuesday, April 13, 2021
Foreign universities have the right to open branches in Ukraine

On 24 of March, the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine promulgated the сabinet of ministers of Ukraine decision 304 "On the approval of the regulations on the features of the establishment, reorganization and liquidation of territorially separate structural units of higher educational establishments"

“Institutions of higher education in Ukraine are actively continuing to integrate into the European educational area. To become one step closer to the European Union, we are opening new borders”, — has said the deputy of Minister of education on eurointegration questions Andrei Vitrenko.

Parliament grants the right to open a branch of a foreign university in Ukraine if it is in one of the international rankings and takes the position not lower than 3000: QS World University Rankings, The Times Higher Education World University Rankings, Academic Ranking of World Universities, World Top 500 Universities. At the same time, people’s deputy Inna Sowsun noted that none of these rankings had 3,000 seats: Shanghai - 500, Times and QS - 1,000.

The official website of the Ukrainian Government states that a subdivision of a foreign educational institution may conduct educational activity on the basis of a permit issued by the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine. The MES also listed the conditions under which foreign universities could apply for a branch in Ukraine:

  • The existence of a license to carry out educational activities in the country of residence and documents on accreditation (recognition) of educational programs;
  • Experience in establishing and operating branches abroad;
  • The purpose of opening and types of activity of the branch, business relations with Ukrainian partners and prospects of development of cooperation;
  • Providing copies of the founding and other documents containing information on the location of the branch to be established and the planned number of employees, including foreign nationals, who will work in the branch;
  • Providing copies of the founding and other documents containing information on the characteristics of the educational programs to be implemented.

In accordance with article 33 part 9 of the Law of Ukraine "On Higher Conversion", there are a few restrictions on the establishment of branches in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv, Dniepr, and Odesa: "A branch is a territorially separated structural unit of a suspended educational institution which is created to meet the needs of the regional labor market for appropriate specialists and to bring the applicant of education closer to their place of residence". Therefore, the above-mentioned cities, having used all quotas on the number of higher educational establishments and applicants for education, are not included in the list of vacant places for opening branches of foreign educational establishments.

There is no right for higher education establishments falling under the following conditions:

  • Registered in the Russian Federation
  • Universities whose final beneficiary owner is a Russian resident
  • Being a legal entity with Russian investments



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