Four Industries of Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, October 20, 2021
Four Industries of Ukraine

Let's shed a light on several branches

In this article we selected these four types of industries in Ukraine:

  • Agriculture;
  • Chemical processing;
  • Heavy manufacturing;
  • Textile production.

Agriculture is a key industry in Ukraine. The main products of this sector are corn, fruit, vegetable potatoes, and fresh berries. These products export all over the world and Ukraine is the well-known world’s bread bucket. 

Chemical processing includes various branches of chemical and petrochemical industries such as oil refineries, fertilizer industry, and even pharmacy. The biggest pharm company is Darnitsa

Heavy manufacturing includes mining, steel, and coal industry, assembling industrial equipment, engines, locomotives, boats, aeronautical products, military instruments, space equipment constructing (Southern assembling bureau), and ships.

One of the most important industries of Ukraine is metallurgy. On the territory of Ukraine, there are the 4 richest mining regions and, accordingly, many metal mining enterprises. The metallurgy industry plays a vital role in modern-day Ukraine and many of its industrial products can be found in Europe and the USA. The country's leading metallurgical companies are ArcelorMittal, Azovstal, Interpipe, Krivbasruda, and more than 34 state and private enterprises. 

Apart from these, there are numerous textile-producing factories in Ukraine. The textile industry of Ukraine represents a substantial part of the total volume of industrial production. The main textile producing industries of the country are Duna, Texterno, Technofilter, and Khmelnitska factory. These are world-class textile manufacturers, accounting for about seventy percent of the textile production in the country.

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