France Considers Providing Ukraine with Mirage 2000D Fighter-Bombers

by Roman Cheplyk
Wednesday, February 7, 2024
France Considers Providing Ukraine with Mirage 2000D Fighter-Bombers

According to Forbes, France is contemplating the transfer of approximately two dozen Dassault Mirage 2000D fighter-bombers to Ukraine

This potential announcement, possibly during French President Emmanuel Macron's visit to Ukraine, could significantly enhance the Ukrainian Air Force's capabilities.

France originally acquired 86 Mirage aircraft three decades ago, with several becoming inoperable over time. While 55 of these aircraft are earmarked for modernization to meet France's defense needs, around 20 remain surplus to requirements and could be dispatched to support Ukraine's military efforts.

The integration of Mirage 2000D into the Ukrainian defense forces would necessitate the establishment of suitable infrastructure and the training of pilots. Despite these challenges, Forbes suggests that the benefits of such an investment could be substantial, especially as the likelihood of Ukraine receiving surplus military aircraft from the United States dims due to political opposition within the US Congress.

Furthermore, the potential deployment of Mirage aircraft to Ukraine might coincide with the arrival of a substantial number of Hammer missile bombs, capable of striking targets up to 55 kilometers away, thus bolstering Ukraine's long-range attack capabilities.

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