The West Dives a Bright Sign of Rapprochement With Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Saturday, May 21, 2022
The West Dives a Bright Sign of Rapprochement With Ukraine

The United States is ready to support the "Marshall Plan" for the recovery of Ukraine after the Russian aggression

In 1948, the Marshall Plan helped quickly rebuild Europe after World War II. In 2022, representatives of the United States of America again remembered their heritage and are ready to assist the victim — Ukraine.

For the first time, the head of the European Commission spoke about post-war assistance to Ukraine. Ursula von der Leyen said that the European Union couldn’t handle itself. The cruelty and deliberate destruction of entire cities by the Russian Federation were too high, so Western countries needed allies. German and European politician was met with a reaction from the US. Recall that America proposed a plan for the recovery of European countries in 1947, and in 1948 — the countries have begun to reconstruct.

The United States secretary of transport, Peter Buttigieg, was interviewed by The Guardian. He spoke about the existence in America and beyond of political will and desire to rebuild Ukraine. The politician paid special attention to infrastructure — its restoration is necessary in the first place. Peter Buttigieg did not neglect the problem with grain crops. The American and participants of the international transport forum considered the possibilities for assistance in the export of Ukrainian grain.

Note that the European Investment Bank believes that the post-war recovery will require the investment of trillions of euros.

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