France to Initiate Arms Production in Ukraine with Local Partnerships

by Cheplyk Roman
Friday, March 8, 2024
France to Initiate Arms Production in Ukraine with Local Partnerships

In a strategic move to bolster Ukraine’s defense capabilities amid ongoing conflicts, France has announced plans to establish weapon manufacturing operations within Ukraine

French Defense Minister Sebastien Lecornu, in statements reported by Reuters, outlined the French government's initiative to encourage domestic arms manufacturers to establish production lines on Ukrainian soil. This initiative aims to directly support Ukraine in its military efforts against the Russian invasion.

Lecornu revealed that three French firms are poised to forge partnerships with Ukrainian counterparts, focusing particularly on the production of unmanned and ground vehicles, along with potential future endeavors in ammunition manufacturing. Although specific companies were not named, the Defense Minister hinted at the involvement of KNDS, known for its tank manufacturing, as one of the potential participants in this venture.

Projected to kickstart as early as this summer, these French production facilities mark a significant step in deepening Franco-Ukrainian defense collaboration. This development is part of a broader call for enhanced defense capabilities across Europe, with Estonia, France, and Poland advocating for a revamped defense and industrial strategy to fortify the continent's security framework.

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