Free Bionic Prosthetics of the Ukrainian Military

by Meifan Honcharuk
Saturday, April 8, 2023
Free Bionic Prosthetics of the Ukrainian Military

The state of Estonia and the Ukrainian charitable foundation "BVG" launched a second chance program for Ukrainians who lost limbs in the war

The Ukrainian charitable foundation BVG and Estonia are jointly implementing a program of free bionic prosthetics for Ukrainians who have lost limbs due to the Russian war. The program is designed for all Ukrainians, however, in the first stages it will be the military who will receive prosthetics. The initiators of the project will fully pay for the manufacture of the prosthesis, the prosthesis operation in Tallinn and the rehabilitation at the East-Tallinn central clinical hospital. The cost of 1 prosthesis varies from $70-80.000.

2 Ukrainians have already received bionic limbs and are now in Estonia for rehabilitation. Until the end of 2023, another 20 Ukrainians will receive the assistance they would not need if Russia had not attacked Ukraine.

Vice-chancellor for the health of the Ministry of social policy of Estonia Heidi Alasep said that the state is simultaneously developing several projects that will deepen cooperation with Ukraine in matters of medical care for Ukrainians.

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