The Russians Enemies Are Culture and Civility

by Olha Povaliaieva
Saturday, May 21, 2022
The Russians Enemies Are Culture and Civility

The occupiers fired missiles at the center of culture in Lozova, the Kharkiv region

On May 20, a Russian missile directly hit a house of culture in Lozova. The city is 100 kilometers from one of the war hot spots — Izyum. The Russian enemies failed to conquer and capture neither Izyum nor Lozova. But, as in the early days, deadly missiles continue to terrorize and destroy Ukraine’s cultural heritage. Two days ago, the occupying forces placed additional heavy weapons near the city’s borders. A day ago, they launched a sneaky and unjustified strike.

On May 20 in the afternoon, Russia hit a recently restored cultural center in the Kharkiv region with a missile. A blow from the sky destroyed the building and caused the fire. Fortunately, the Ukrainian firefighters were able to put out the flame within 10 minutes and start a rescue operation. As a result of the attack, 7 people were injured.

"Russian missile strike on the newly reconstructed cultural building. Seven victims, including an 11-year-old child... What do people think of when they pick targets like this? Absolute evil, absolute stupidity," wrote Volodymyr Zelenskyy on the official Twitter page.

The House of culture was considered one of the largest in the Kharkiv region. The building could accommodate more than 1000 people at the same time. The center was renovated before the war began.

On May 20, Ukrainians once again became convinced of the terrible nature of Russian puppets. Residents of Ukraine again remembered the drama theater and maternity hospital in Mariupol, the destruction of the city council in Kharkiv, the girl Kyra died in Odesa, and the blow to the station in Kramatorsk.

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