Occupiers Eliminate Danger for Russia — 3-Month-Old Child

by Olha Povaliaieva
Sunday, April 24, 2022
Occupiers Eliminate Danger for Russia — 3-Month-Old Child

As a result of the airstrike on residential buildings in Odesa child and 5 adults died

A 3-month-old child didn’t make it through Easter for 24 hours. On April 23, Russian troops decided to attack the port city in Ukraine — Odesa. The occupiers fired 4 rockets at the city. One of the strikes hit the Tairovskoye cemetery. One woman suffered from shrapnel. The occupiers also attacked the military unit in Odesa. But the Ukrainian nation was hit most painfully by 2 more rockets.

Russian rockets hit two residential buildings. In some apartments, windows were broken, some — destroyed. It was also recorded that cars burned up due to the airstrike.

And if material goods can always be tried to return, then a person’s life can never be returned. As a result of criminal actions on the part of the Russian Federation, 6 people were killed, and 18 people were injured of various degrees of complexity. A Russian missile killed a mother with a 3-month-old child. The child could not live to see the first light holiday. All of Ukraine was "killed" by this news. And unfortunately, this is not the first such case, and not the exact number of victims, as the rescue work is being carried out. 

But even that was enough for politicians to recognize such actions as terror.

"The only aim of Russian missile strikes on Odesa is terror. Russia must be designated a state sponsor of terrorism and treated accordingly. No business, no contacts, no cultural projects. We need a wall between civilization and barbarians striking peaceful cities with missiles," said the minister of foreign affairs of Ukraine, Dmytro Kuleba.

Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy also reacted very painfully to the news about the dead in Odesa. Only Russian politicians continue to "put on white gloves" and say that the Ukrainian military is blamed for everything.

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