Free check-ups for citizens starts in Ukraine

Wednesday, June 23, 2021
Free check-ups for citizens starts in Ukraine

Annual diagnostics of non-infectious diseases for people aged 55+ and every two years for other age groups

This was announced by the minister of health Viktor Liashko. First of all, a check-up implies monitoring the state of the blood and screening the body for pathological changes. This event will allow detecting diseases in the early stages and, as a result, give great chances for further treatment and recovery.

Family doctors undertake to inform patients with whom they have signed a declaration about the possibility or need to undergo examination. At the same time, the minister focused on the mutual responsibility of both the patient and the doctor. The check-up results will be transferred to a separate cabinet of the Diia application, where they will be saved and analyzed for further maintenance of the citizen's health card. The same system will allow the Ministry of рealth to monitor the dynamics of the work of doctors and the number of patients who have used the new public service.

The exact date of the start of the program is not yet known, but the Ministry of рealth is guided by this autumn.

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