Dog Barks — Caravan Passes

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, July 4, 2022
Dog Barks — Caravan Passes

Ukrainians for the first time, took part in the procession "Pride in London"

The annual LGBT+ pride festival and parade is held every summer in London for the first time received by Ukrainians. A delegation of 50 representatives of Ukraine arrived in London for the parade. Ukraine presented 50 LGBT activists.

With Ukrainians, Europe's traditional parade has taken on a new meaning. The Ukrainian delegation was dressed in all black, instead of the flag of the socio-political movement, they carried Ukrainian flags. Some activists also had posters depicting the crimes of Russian soldiers in Ukraine.

According to the organizers of the Ukrainian March — patriotic movement UkrainePride and the British-Ukrainian volunteer organization, the black color became a symbol of people who lost their homes, family, and life due to the Russian aggression. Also at the procession were girls dressed in white dresses. According to the organizers, these girls became a symbol of courage, kindness, and beauty.

The Ukrainians called for stronger sanctions against Russia during the parade. The parade participants also called on people not to forget about the war in Ukraine and about the violence by Russian soldiers against children, men, and women. The Ukrainians asked for heavy weapons and humanitarian aid.

Such actions by members of Ukrainian minorities may cause criticism in Russia. Because one of the voiced reasons for the attack on Ukraine was "holding gay parades." This was stated in March by the patriarch of Moscow and Russia Kirill.

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