“The Times” Published Data About Rapes of Ukrainians

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, June 22, 2022
“The Times” Published Data About Rapes of Ukrainians

The Russians marked the Ukrainians' houses with white bandages and then raped residents of these houses

The Times believes that the Russian soldiers, who were raped in towns and villages near Kyiv, were preparing in advance. They came to this conclusion after interviews with victims in the Kyiv region.

The British weekly newspaper published interviews with Ukrainian women who had been raped during the occupation. According to the interview, one injured Ukrainian ran with her son to Germany. Her husband killed the Russian army. The woman almost doesn't talk, but her mother told about the fears in the suburbs of Kyiv.

"She (a raped woman — ed.) in the hysterical, constantly scrolled the events and says that her life was destroyed and instead (a husband) had to kill her," she told her to have suffered.

Another Ukrainian agreed to talk about "schemes" of rape. The 42-year-old Ukrainian Victoria said that the Russian military raped came women and took out phones. They also asked for a piece of white fabric, they hung it on the fence. 3 drunkest Russian military men, younger than the sons of the suffered Victoria after the 1st visit, came for the 2nd time. Ukrainian women and girls were forcibly taken out of the houses, on which white pieces of cloth were hung. The invaders forced all women to go to the "headquarters" (the best house in the village), and there raped Ukrainians in turn.

The Times reported that some women victims had lost husbands and sons who were trying to protect women from the occupiers.

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