French Artist Fredster and Ukrainian Designer “Mood June” Cooperation

by Meifan Honcharuk
Tuesday, July 4, 2023
French Artist Fredster and Ukrainian Designer “Mood June” Cooperation

New Ukrainian brand "Mood June" creates vintage shirts from eco-fabrics with modern prints

Ukrainian designer and stylist Vasyl Bondarenko created a clothing line Mood June. The brand's first collection is dedicated to the summer heat and the second chance for old things. The designer creates shirts from vintage fabrics, tablecloths and other canvas. To create clothes, only natural fabric was chosen: cotton, linen and so on. 

There are only men's shirts in the collection. Each product is unique in its pattern: each model has drawings by the French artist Fredster. According to the brand's founder, Fredster agreed to cooperate after he understood that the canvas has Ukrainian origin.

"When he found out that we were from Ukraine, he willingly agreed to have his prints live on Ukrainians," said the brand designer Bondarenko.

So, in Ukraine, there is another project that cooperates with foreigners, promotes recycling and makes at the same time stylish and authentic models of shirts for men.

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