French Theatre Shows Ukrainian Performances

by Olha Povalaieva
Friday, January 20, 2023
French Theatre Shows Ukrainian Performances

From January 23 to 27 in Paris will hold "Week of Ukrainian drama"

France has also become one of the countries chosen by Ukrainians to escape the war. Therefore, Paris will hold a cultural week devoted to the support of Ukraine and the acquaintance of residents with Ukrainian culture. The support week will be held in the Paris Theater of Lavoir Moderne Parisien. Within 7 days, the theatre will open an exhibition of Ukrainian photography. From January 23 to January 27, performances based on Ukrainian works will be shown on the theatre stage. It is known that the actors will show viewers 5 different modern works, as well as the tragicomedy of the famous Ukrainian playwright Mykola Kulish Mina Mazalo.

In addition, Ukrainians arrange a workshop on the theatre's walls for everyone. Ukrainian pianist Marina Voznyuk and vocal ensemble MsiQuinte will make a mini-concert and discuss modern culture. The theatre connoisseur Iryna Chuzynova will hold lectures about contemporary Ukrainian theatre too.

Holding such cultural events helps Ukrainians to feel at home briefly. The popularization of Ukrainian culture also allows foreigners to get acquainted with the values, mentality, and achievements of Ukraine for many years.

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