From Honey to Honey Drinks: All About Ukraine’s Potential

Friday, August 6, 2021
From Honey to Honey Drinks: All About Ukraine’s Potential

According to the "Guild of Mead Brewers", today in Ukraine the honey brewing industry is rapidly developing. Most of the manufacturers have their own unique designs

“In Ukraine, there is a need to process 25-30% of honey, which was not exported and not sold on the domestic market, this is actually the remains of the product. We have proven technologies and recipes, we have talented mead brewers, only goodwill and state support are missing. But European neighbors do not have as much honey as in Ukraine,” says Vasyl Barabash, head of the Guild of mead brewers of Ukraine.
The meaning of honey brewing stems from the idea that a quality drink should be natural and free from additives. And yet, on the Ukrainian market, you can find honey drinks with the addition of herbs, fruits, and berries. This approach enriches the drink with vitamins. What is more, dozens of manufacturers are already registered, and hundreds are making the product unofficially

One of these drinks is the drink, which has been produced by the Honey Spas company since 2018. Siker is an alcoholic drink created on the basis of honey, juices of fruits, and berries of the first extraction, without the addition of alcohol and sugar.

However, despite the environmental friendliness of the product, manufacturers note that the process of distributing the drink among consumers is not the simplest:
“It is extremely difficult to bring a new drink to the market. The consumer does not know what drinking honey is and how to consume it. In addition, the competition in the world of alcohol is incredibly tough, ”admits Andrey Mospanyuk, head of the sales department at Honey Spas.

The company is a member of the Union of beekeepers of Ukraine, therefore it cooperates with beekeepers from different regions. And our own laboratory allows you to choose high-quality honey to meet the needs and standards.

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