Fruit and Berry Production in Ukraine

by Roman Cheplyk
Thursday, January 27, 2022
Fruit and Berry Production in Ukraine

Fruits are the most valuable group of horticultural products.

Fruit growing has a wide variety of forms determined by plant species, kind of fruit trees or bushes, planting conditions, purposeful organization of fruiting, etc. Fruit growing is one of the priority branches with almost no alternative use for agricultural land. Fruit crops are also an important raw material for the processing industry. Fruit growing occupies 2% of arable lands but provides more than 10% share in gross crop yield, which makes 13-15% share in agriculture GDP. During the last decade, significant changes have taken place in the Ukrainian fruit/berry complex, which has influenced both structural development and the process of increased production volume.

Fruit quality and good taste are characteristic of Ukrainian brands, variety and availability at affordable prices set our fruit apart from foreign ones and make it competitive on the market.

A fruit or berry business is a great way to earn a well-rounded income and have your own business. Fruit trees, strawberry fields, raspberry bushes, and various other fruits can be grown in many places in Ukraine.

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