Fumio Kishida to Ukraine: “Definitely Will Win”

by Roman Cheplyk
Thursday, March 23, 2023
Fumio Kishida to Ukraine: “Definitely Will Win”

Before leaving Kyiv, the Japanese PM left a gift for the Ukrainians — shamoji of victory

Shamoji is a traditional Japanese rice spoon. In turn, the shamoji of victory is a popular souvenir in Hiroshima, on which the words "We will definitely win" are displayed calligraphically. The Japanese massively wore this talisman during the Japanese-Scene and Japanese-Russian wars, wishing for victory.

It was this spoon that Fumio Kishida presented to Zelenskyy during his visit to Ukraine. Thus, not only the historically significant visit of Fumio Kishida but also his gift convey an unambiguous position: peace and victory are on the side of Ukraine.

It is worth noting that "take rice" and "delay the enemy" are homophones in Japanese.

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