G7 Against Russia’s Missile Terror

by Meifan Honcharuk
Tuesday, June 20, 2023
G7 Against Russia’s Missile Terror

The Group of Seven doubles efforts to deprive Russia of the ability to obtain components for the production of missiles

The 482nd day of the Russian war against the Ukrainian civilian population. Terrorists continue to fire missiles at civilian towns, cities and villages, and some Russian missiles contain foreign-made components. Sanctions are in effect, but not 100%. That is why Japan, which currently chairs the G7, has announced that it will intensify work on depriving Russia of access to foreign spares and circumventing sanctions.

"The G7 ambassadors express their support to all Ukrainians who are experiencing constant threat and destruction from Russian missile attacks. We are redoubling our efforts to strip Russia of the components it uses to strike civilians and infrastructure in Ukraine," Japanese presidency of the G7 Ambassadors' Support Group in Kyiv.

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