Georgian Maidan 

by Roman Cheplyk
Wednesday, March 8, 2023
Georgian Maidan 

People in Georgia protest against pro-Russian "Foreign agents registration act"

On March 7, the government of Georgia adopted the draft law on agents of foreign influence at the first reading. Many notes that this document has many similarities and references to the law of the Russian Federation on foreign agents. The entry into force of this law will mean that all non-profit organizations and media that receive more than 20% of annual income from foreign funding per year are considered "foreign agents". The Georgian government believes that such organizations should not only pay their annual contributions on the declaration but also "be in the palm of their hand". In this way, Georgia opens itself to the personal data of media workers and other companies.

Unfortunately, the government of Georgia is becoming closer to Russia, but the country's citizens still stand for freedom and support for Ukraine. Therefore, after the news of the new draft law, Georgian people went to the meeting. The protest action was accompanied by posters "No to Russian law", "Fuck you Russia", etc.

According to reports from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia, the protest rally was not peaceful, there were victims, and investigations were opened against citizens on charges of assaulting policemen. However, numerous photographs and videos show that the Georgian law enforcement services used force against ordinary people. Security forces used tear gas and water tanks and detained protesters.

Almost 10 years ago, a similar situation happened under the government building of Ukraine when the ex-president wanted to adopt the Russian benchmark…

The Ukrainian side sympathizes with all victims and gives thanks for the support from the beginning of the war.

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