German Bundesrat President Manuela Schwezig Visits Kyiv in Solidarity with Ukraine

by Roman Cheplyk
Monday, June 24, 2024
German Bundesrat President Manuela Schwezig Visits Kyiv in Solidarity with Ukraine

Manuela Schwezig, the head of the German Bundesrat, has arrived in Kyiv for a working visit. This visit underscores Germany’s unwavering support for Ukraine amidst its ongoing conflict with Russia, as reported by BR24

Statement of Solidarity

In her statement, Schwezig emphasized the collective solidarity of all 16 German federal states with Ukraine. She affirmed, "Ukraine must win this war, and we cannot allow Russia to get away with this aggression." Schwezig's visit aims to reinforce Germany's steadfast support for Ukraine and counter growing opposition voices within Germany, particularly from the eastern regions, against aiding Ukraine.

Germany's Comprehensive Support

Germany has emerged as one of the key providers of military aid to Ukraine since the onset of Russia's large-scale military aggression. The country’s support is the most significant among European nations, demonstrating a strong commitment to bolstering Ukraine's defense capabilities.

One of the pivotal elements of Germany's military aid is the provision of modern Patriot anti-aircraft missile systems. These advanced systems play a critical role in enhancing Ukraine's air defense, offering robust protection against enemy aircraft and missile attacks.

Official Remarks and Commitments

German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock recently highlighted the severe consequences for Berlin and NATO should they withdraw their support for Ukraine. This statement underscores the strategic importance of continued assistance.

Moreover, German Finance Minister Christian Lindner has urged the government to be more transparent and communicative regarding policy decisions related to Ukraine. This call for open communication aims to maintain public support and understanding of Germany's foreign policy actions.


Schwezig's visit to Kyiv signifies a powerful message of solidarity and support from Germany to Ukraine. It reaffirms Germany's commitment to standing with Ukraine in its fight against aggression and underscores the importance of international cooperation and support in maintaining global peace and security.

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