German Chancellor Pleased With the Work of Ukrainian Soldiers

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, August 26, 2022
German Chancellor Pleased With the Work of Ukrainian Soldiers

Olaf Scholz visited the firing range, where the Ukrainian armed forces study the use of German "Gepard"

Deutsche Welle published an article according to which the German chancellor checked the process of preparing the Ukrainian military for the use of the German gun on the battlefield. Scholtz visited the Bundeswehr firing range in Putlos, Schleswig-Holstein. There is now a part of the Ukrainian military mastering the German anti-aircraft self-propelled artillery Gepard.

The politician met with the soldiers and emphasized the success of the training and the intention of Germany to continue supporting the Ukrainian soldiers.

"The men here will defend their country. They will protect it from the terrible threat posed to Ukraine by Russia's brutal, aggressive war. And we will continue to support them with our financial resources and weapons that we can provide from Germany," Olaf Scholz.

It is an interesting fact that after another wave of dissatisfaction among German politicians about Scholz's inactivity in the sphere of aid to Ukraine, he began to show interest in current events. The chancellor stated that there" firmly on the side of Kyiv" in a video message on the occasion of Ukraine's independence day. He also noted that Germany is ready to continue the sanctions policy against the Russian Federation and provide medical assistance to Ukrainians.

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