German President Regrets Supporting the Kremlin

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, April 6, 2022
German President Regrets Supporting the Kremlin

On April 4, Frank-Walter Steinmeier said that Putin's policy is imperial madness

The German media reported that the president of the State, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, expressed aloud his regret about trying to improve relations with the Kremlin and supporting the obviously manipulative Nord Stream-2.

"My commitment to the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline was a clear mistake. We held on to bridges that Russia no longer believed in, as our partners warned us about. I did not believe that the paths would accept the complete economic, political and moral fall of my country for the sake of his imperial madness," said Steinmeier.

The events in Ukraine opened the eyes of the German president to the fact that it is impossible to include a barbaric country in the overall architecture of European security. "Creating a common European home with the participation of Russia" is the goal Steinmeier had. And today, the head of Germany admits that this goal is unattainable not because of the insufficient efforts of Europe but because of Putin's sick brain.

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