Germany Allocates New Military Aid Package to Ukraine

by Roman Cheplyk
Friday, June 14, 2024
Germany Allocates New Military Aid Package to Ukraine

Germany has announced a substantial new military aid package to Ukraine, reinforcing its position as a leading supporter of Ukraine’s defense efforts

This latest package includes advanced air defense systems, armored vehicles, and various other military equipment essential for Ukraine's ongoing conflict.

Key Components of the Aid Package

The new aid package from Germany includes:

  • Leopard 1A1 Tanks and Ammunition:

    • 10 Leopard 1A1 tanks
    • Ammunition for the tanks
  • Marder Infantry Vehicles:

    • 20 tracked Marder infantry vehicles
    • Ammunition for the vehicles
  • Air Defense Systems:

    • IRIS-T SLM (medium-range)
    • IRIS-T SLS (short-range)
  • HIMARS Multiple-Launch Rocket Systems:

    • 3 HIMARS systems
  • Engineering and Support Vehicles:

    • 2 BEAVER bridge pavers
    • 2 Dachs armored engineering vehicles
    • Armored repair and evacuation vehicle Bergepanzer 2
    • 4 Wisent 1 demining machines with spare parts
    • 16 gas stations
  • Additional Equipment:

    • Ammunition and small arms
    • 4 million cartridges
    • Demining and shell disposal equipment
    • Boats
    • 3 AMPS systems for helicopter protection
    • IT equipment

Germany's Continued Support

Germany remains a key ally in supporting Ukraine's defense capabilities. The latest aid package follows numerous previous contributions, including air defense systems, various tanks and armored vehicles, and extensive training for Ukrainian military personnel in Germany.

Recently, Germany announced the transfer of an additional Patriot air defense system to Ukraine, which represents a significant portion of Germany's Patriot stockpiles. However, Germany has declined to provide long-range Taurus missiles to Ukraine.


Germany's ongoing military support is vital for Ukraine's defense strategy against ongoing aggression. The new aid package underscores Germany's commitment to bolstering Ukraine's military capabilities and ensuring its resilience in the face of continued conflict.

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