Germany Announces €500 Million Military Aid Package for Ukraine

by Cheplyk Roman
Tuesday, March 19, 2024
Germany Announces €500 Million Military Aid Package for Ukraine

Germany is set to bolster Ukraine’s defense capabilities with a new military aid package valued at €500 million, as confirmed by German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius

During a press conference held on Tuesday, March 19, within the framework of the contact group on Ukraine issues in the Ramstein format, Pistorius detailed the contents of this substantial contribution, as reported by Tagesschau.

In addition to financial support, Germany commits to the immediate dispatch of 10,000 artillery shells from Bundeswehr (German Armed Forces) stocks to aid Ukraine. The package further includes 100 armored infantry vehicles and 100 other vehicles, significantly enhancing Ukraine's military assets in the face of ongoing conflict.

This announcement follows a February 26 report by the German government, which outlined a previous batch of military aid to Ukraine, including artillery shells, drones, and demining machines. On February 2, the German Bundestag approved the 2024 state budget, allocating nearly €7.6 billion for military aid to Ukraine, demonstrating Germany's continued commitment to supporting Ukraine's defense and sovereignty.

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