Russians Rape Not Only Women

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, April 18, 2022
Russians Rape Not Only Women

According to the mayor of Bucha, men in the occupied town were also sexually abused by Russians. One of the victims died

On April 17, the mayor of Bucha, who had recently been liberated from Russian occupation, recounted horrific details of Russian sexual violence against women and men. In an interview with Ukrainian journalist Dmytro Gordon, Anatolii Fedoruk said that a security guard at the Orlyatko children's camp had been raped in Bucha. The man could not stand the physical damage and moral abuse and died.

"There are many crimes against women and girls. Thank God they are alive, we are trying to speak correctly. I try to get around this topic and ask for understanding. The town is small, everyone knows each other. I don't think it's worthwhile to tell them once again what it is like to go through what our women and girls have gone through. The number of victims is large, unfortunately. But not only women. The guard of the Orlyatko children's sanatorium, the man was even raped. I say this because it does not exist. After all this bullying, he could not stand it and died,'' Anatolii Fedoruk.

This is just one episode out of many because men cannot admit to being sexually abused by other men. An important reason for this is that Bucha is a relatively small town and all people know each other. People are afraid of repeating moral trauma. Each of the crimes against Ukrainians is recorded and will be punished.

It will be recalled that European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen visited Bucha. She called what she saw horror and once again voiced her admiration for the heroism of Ukrainians.

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