Germany Approaches Transfer of Heavy Weapons to Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, August 29, 2022
Germany Approaches Transfer of Heavy Weapons to Ukraine

The German foreign minister called for the transfer of weapons to Ukraine, which it has been asking for 6 months

Annalena Baerbock was interviewed by BILD am SONNTAG about the war in Ukraine and the nature of German support. The foreign minister said that the country will continue to support Ukraine in the war against Russia. She said that the Federal Republic of Germany may not often transfer weapons to the front, but it does so. The politician noted that military assistance includes heavy weapons. Baerbok explained the slow pace of military equipment for Ukrainian soldiers to the difficulties of production. Despite this, the provision of heavy weapons must continue.

"I understand that Ukrainians want larger and faster deliveries. However, the highly advanced systems that are needed first and foremost do not stand in enormous numbers, ready for transport, in our warehouses. In addition, we promised our NATO partners, for example, the Baltic States, that we would defend every part of the NATO territory with them. In this case, the Bundeswehr must be competent. Of course, we would like the war to end as soon as possible, but we must assume that Ukraine will still need heavy weapons from its friends next summer. It is clear to me that Ukraine protects our freedom, our world order, and we will support it financially and militarily — as long as possible," said the German foreign minister.

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