Germany Punishes the Russian Military 

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, April 25, 2022
Germany Punishes the Russian Military 

Germany begins an investigation of Russia’s crimes against the Ukrainian people

In early March, the German government began collecting evidence regarding Russian crimes in Ukraine. The German prosecutor’s office has data on the use of cluster bombs, attacks on residential areas and civil infrastructure, gas pipelines, nuclear waste storage, and thermal power station in Ukraine. Germany also knows about the terrible crimes in the Kyiv region. There the Russian invaders tortured, raped, and killed the civilian population. Children of all ages are among the victims of violence. Unfortunately, it is already being noted that Russian soldiers are committing similar crimes in the Zaporizhzhya region. It is there that the occupiers are trying to establish themselves now.

Returning to the past, the dreadful news for the Ukrainians was discovering corpses with wounds from small arrows — flechette. Dozens of Ukrainians were killed by small arrows that the occupiers launched from the sky. Eyewitnesses say that the occupiers released flechette before leaving the Kyiv region. The use of such projectiles violates international humanitarian law. Metal darts are coming out after an explosion. One shell may contain 8 thousand arrows. Forensics found dozens of victims with dart wounds.

All this will be evidence for foreign courts, and Russia will be punished. But the German federal prosecutor’s office and justice minister Marco Buschmann are asking for help from refugees. Marco Bushman encourages Ukrainians to share their stories with German authorities. 

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