Germany Sent 5-Digit Quantity of Ammunition for “Cheetah” to Ukraine

by Meifan Honcharuk
Wednesday, September 6, 2023
Germany Sent 5-Digit Quantity of Ammunition for “Cheetah” to Ukraine

A batch of 2 types of shells from "Rheinmetall AG" and the German government has already entered service with Ukraine

On September 5, the German Ministry of defense published information about the delivery of the 1st batch of ammunition for Cheetah battle tanks to Ukraine. A 5-digit amount of ammo of 2 types (High-Explosive-Incendiary – Tracer and Amour-Piercing-Discarding-Sabot -Tracer) was produced at the facilities of the Rheinmetall AG concern by order of the Ministry of defence. The ambitious plan for the transfer of shells included record production times and the restoration of the production of old-style ammunition with new funds.

The contract for €168 million for the production of ammunition was signed 7 months ago and is designed for 300.000 ammunition. Germany also handed over 46 Cheetahs to Ukraine, and 6 more will be delivered in the future.

"The war in Ukraine almost every day reminds us that the defence of our country depends on air defence and sufficient ammunition. With the resumption of production of Cheetah ammunition, we are focusing on these 2 critical aspects. I am glad that we started production so quickly and without bureaucratic procedures, and I want to thank all the participants for the excellent work. We show once again that Germany can be relied upon. We will continue to support Ukraine in areas that are our strengths: artillery, ammunition and ground air defence," defence Minister Boris Pistorius.

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