Germany Unveils New Military Assistance Package for Ukraine

by Roman Cheplyk
Wednesday, April 10, 2024
Germany Unveils New Military Assistance Package for Ukraine

The German government has announced its latest round of military support for Ukraine, comprising an array of advanced equipment aimed at bolstering Ukraine’s defense capabilities

This new package continues Germany's support in the ongoing conflict, providing crucial resources ranging from drones to artillery ammunition.

Included in the comprehensive aid package are:

  • Nine tracked all-terrain Warthog command vehicles, adding to the nine previously delivered.
  • Two WISENT 1 demining machines, supplementing the 32 already provided.
  • Six thousand 155 mm caliber artillery shells, in addition to the 68,000 previously supplied.
  • Sixteen Vector reconnaissance drones, building on the 196 units already transferred.
  • Thirty RQ-35 Heidrun reconnaissance drones, with 185 units already in Ukraine's hands.
  • Thirty sets of anti-drone equipment, complementing the 40 units previously sent.
  • Eleven mobile demining systems, increasing the count from the nine already delivered.
  • Three mine trawls, joining the 43 previously handed over.
  • Seventy infrared cameras, adding to the 330 previously provided.
  • Six hundred eighty Haenel MK556 assault rifles, alongside the 305 units already transferred.
  • One hundred twenty Haenel CR308 rifles.
  • Twenty-four boat motors.
  • Fifty Haenel HLR338 sniper rifles, in addition to the 15 previously sent.
  • One million cartridges for small arms.
  • Five thousand detonators.

This assistance, financed by the Federal Government, comes from both the Federal Armed Forces' supplies and industry contributions. The German defense giant Rheinmetall has also been commissioned to supply an additional 20 Marder infantry fighting vehicles to Ukraine, scheduled for delivery in 2024. This aid package underscores Germany's ongoing commitment to supporting Ukraine amid its defense efforts.

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