Germany’s Goal Is Peace on the Terms of Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, May 5, 2022
Germany’s Goal Is Peace on the Terms of Ukraine

Germany has begun work on laws that will remove the factor of Germany's energy dependence on Russia

On April 24, Olaf Scholz gave an honest interview to Der Spiegel. The interview focused on Germany's role in the events leading up to the war, Germany's assistance to Ukraine, and the continuation of gas imports from the aggressor-sponsoring aggressor country. Asked by journalists Melanie Amann and Martin Knobbe about Germany's ultimate goal in Russia's war against Ukraine, Scholz said a peace agreement should be signed on the terms of the affected country.

"There must be a truce, and Russia must withdraw its troops. There must be a peace agreement that will allow Ukraine to defend itself in the future. And we will arm Ukrainians so that their security is guaranteed. And we remain ready to become a guarantor state. There will be no "peace on imposed terms," as Putin imagined," chancellor of Germany. 

Olaf Scholz also confirmed that only Ukraine is the unit that has the right to dictate the nature of the point in Putin's war. "Ukraine will formulate the terms of the peace agreement, no one can do it for them. That would be incorrect."

In the same interview, the German chancellor confirmed that the rejection of the construction of liquefied gas terminals and the transportation system of petroleum products from eastern Germany was a mistake. According to Scholz, even without economic benefits, creating an alternative system of domestic gas imports would be the right step. The politician blames Putin and his imperialism for the fact that the project has not yet been implemented. "It is not Merkel and Steinmeier who are to blame for this, but Putin's imperialism, which has violated all treaties and agreements. The aggressor is Putin, no one else."

It was April 24. And on May 5, it became known that the government was working on laws that included Scholz's plan for a "turning point for Germany": "We are accelerating the transition to renewable energy to become less dependent on energy imports."

We remind you that the 6th package of sanctions against Russia includes an embargo on the import of Russian energy carriers, so Germany began to develop a roadmap for the accelerated introduction of LNG.

“Intensive legislative work continues on the projects necessary to achieve independence from the import of fossil fuels from Russia, which is what we are striving for. This is, for example, the Law on the accelerated introduction of LNG, which we discussed in detail and on which we will make a final decision in the government by Monday so that after discussion in parliamentary groups, it can be adopted before the summer holidays,” Olaf Scholz said after the German government meeting.

As German minister of economy, Robert Habeck, said at the same press conference, the LNG law minimizes German standards for granting permits for LNG terminals to other EU countries. Thanks to this measure, the period for obtaining a permit will be reduced from months to weeks.

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