“Google” Office Can’t Work in Russia

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, May 19, 2022
“Google” Office Can’t Work in Russia

The Russian branch of "Google" declared bankruptcy

Russian Google first suffered financial losses in 2009. The federal service for supervision in the sphere of communications, information technologies, and mass communications of Russia fined the enterprise. The Russian Federation has also confiscated all Google bank accounts in Russia. The main reason for the fine was the company’s refusal to remove information materials that destroyed Russian propaganda.

The subsidiary had until 19 May 2022 to pay the penalty. However, the company did not do so and declared itself bankrupt. The explanation for this situation is simple — the government of the aggressor country has frozen accounts that could help pay the fine. So, lawyers are preparing an application for bankruptcy to an arbitration court.

"Some time ago, Google suspended the vast majority of commercial transactions in Russia. Today we inform you that the seizure of the bank account Google Russia has made it impossible to operate our Russian office, including the retention of employees and wages in Russia, payment of suppliers and contractors, as well as other financial obligations. At the same time we know that people in Russia rely on our services to access quality information, and will continue to provide free services such as search, YouTube, Gmail, Maps, Android and Play to our users," said a representative of the corporation.

Thus, Russian citizens working in the company will be unemployed. Foreign employees left at the end of March. Also, The Wall Street Journal reports that some Russian specialists were offered jobs abroad, but not all agreed.

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