“No Need to Wait for the Victory of Ukraine”

by Olha Povaliaieva
Sunday, September 11, 2022
“No Need to Wait for the Victory of Ukraine”

Latvia calls for the establishment of an international tribunal already in the time of war and is ready to become the first party to sign the treaty

"We urge the world not to be afraid to call things by their proper names. Both Ukraine and international partners document all the facts. Apart from Putin, everyone knows the circle of those involved. There is no need to wait for Ukraine to win. It is necessary to do this today and now," said the deputy head of the office of the president of Ukraine Andrii Smirnov.

The Saeima of Latvia supported this statement and called on countries to punish war criminals. They are ready to support the creation of a special tribunal for Russia. 

"The International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court are already working on the crime of genocide. And Latvia supported this claim against Russia. But we need a special tribunal to bring the Russian leadership to justice for the crime of aggression against Ukraine. There are precedents in the world for such tribunals: Yugoslavia, Rwanda, Cambodia, and Sierra Leone. The most realistic way to establish such a tribunal is, in my view, to sign an international treaty between countries that support this idea. We are ready to sign such a treaty," said the president of Latvia, Egils Levits.

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