Greece Is Going to Provide Ukraine With Extra Muntion

by Meifan Honcharuk
Wednesday, August 16, 2023
Greece Is Going to Provide Ukraine With Extra Muntion

"Hellenic Defence Systems" in talks to resupply shells for Ukraine and the EU

Hellenic Defence Systems began negotiations with international arms manufacturers. The Greek company wants to support Ukraine in confronting the military aggression of the Russian Federation. However, the leadership of Hellenic Defense Systems notes that it alone cannot meet the needs of the armed forces of Ukraine, so it is looking for partners. The company aims to replenish the stocks of the European Union and participate in the program of production of 155-mm calibre shells for Ukraine. Recall on May 10, 2023, a meeting of representatives of the largest defence enterprises of the EU took place in Brussels, where a decision was made to provide Ukraine with 1 million shells.

Hellenic Defence Systems planned to be responsible for the technical assistance stage: equipping, collecting, packing ammunition and sending 155-mm calibre shells. Details of the negotiations and participants in the project are not reported. But through secrecy, it became known that the negotiations are already in the middle and final stages. The first contracts for the joint production of shells for Ukraine are expected to be concluded at the end of September.

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