Green Energy Development 

by Roman Cheplyk
Tuesday, March 14, 2023
Green Energy Development 

DTEK launched 500 MW "Tyligul wind power plant" in the Mykolayiv region 

Donbas Fuel-Energy Company (DTEK) reported that the first stage of construction of the Ukrainian wind power plant is being completed. It is about the Tyligul wind power plant in the Mykolayiv region. There is already preparation for the commissioning of 19 wind-water turbines. Ukraine will bring them into effect this spring. The first part of the plant will produce 114 MW. In general, the DTEK Group, which is engaged in the construction of the facility, notes that the plant should produce 500 MW after all operations have been completed.

Now it is expected that the new station will not only become the reality of the "green" project of Ukraine but will also be able to take the first step of the power already after the first part is launched. There are also talks with foreign investors and donors interested in the project.

Note that the construction resumed after the pause due to the beginning of the war.

"The invasion by Russia temporarily stopped the project. Today I would like to say: We have decided to resume construction and in the next few weeks the first turn of the station will start to work at full capacity," said Rinat Akhmetov, DTEK's owner.

Such projects are significant for Ukraine. First of all, because of the Moscow invasion. Because the UN published a report saying Russia has reduced 90% of wind energy potential in Ukraine.

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