Growing Peach Orchards Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, November 4, 2021
Growing Peach Orchards Ukraine

Although grain is the leading agricultural export product of Ukraine, our fertile lands give strength to many food crops: trees, wineries, useful nightshades, and, of course, feed cattle

A very profitable investment for any agro-businessman would be the purchase of a peach orchard.

The most suitable territories for peach orchards are the south and east of Ukraine. Both there and there, there is a sufficient amount of sun, and in the south of Ukraine, it is also warm all year round, which allows harvesting several times.

It is known that in 2020 Ukraine not only covered the domestic demand for peaches but also imported 170 tons of fruit. Peach is easy to care for: regular watering, warm sun, and timely treatment with pesticides will provide you with a good harvest of quality fruits.

You can not limit yourself to just a garden, but try to build a factory for processing fruit into baby food, fruit chips, jam, juices, and any imported products.

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