GT Invest Partner — DroneUA Supplies DTEK With an Underwater Drone

Wednesday, June 9, 2021
GT Invest Partner — DroneUA Supplies DTEK With an Underwater Drone

DTEK Energo launched a pilot project to use an underwater drone for the first time in the history of Ukrainian power engineering at the Kryvyi Rih TPP

It is noted that the Chasing M2 underwater drone with a high-resolution optical camera and powerful illumination will be used to inspect the underwater parts of the thermal power plant's hydraulic structures.

The drone will be able to survey underwater objects without human intervention.

It is also reported that the inspection of the underwater parts of structures and tunnels is usually carried out by a diver. "But this is not only a risk to human life and health but also financial and time costs. Therefore, DTEK Energo has a request for a safer and more efficient way to obtain information on the technical condition of hydro-technical structures of TPPs," the statement says.

"DTEK is constantly looking for innovative solutions to improve labor safety, environmental friendliness, and business efficiency. This is how the Innovation DTEK team found for DTEK Energo the opportunity to inspect underwater TPP facilities without human intervention. The solution was provided by our partners DroneUA," said DTEK innovation director Emanuele Volpe.

The data obtained can be analyzed and a decision on the need for repairs can be made, and a digital archive can be created to track the technical condition of buildings and structures.

The innovative device is operated by a specialist pilot from land.

Earlier DTEK Kyiv regional electric grids tested Sherp all-terrain investing-in-ukraine/business-opportunities/automotive/" rel="dofollow">vehicles to inspect high-voltage lines in the Kyiv region. As a result of the test review, the power engineers received data on the technical condition of 2 km of lines located in the hard-to-reach swampy area of ​​the Borispyl region.

During a test inspection on an all-terrain vehicle, the company's repair team moved between the spans of the supports of an impassable swampy area and determined the state of the power grid. At the same time, the drones made a horseback survey of the line and, using thermal imaging control, determine whether there were overheats that could provoke an emergency shutdown.

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