Guarantee for Goods in Electronic Form

Wednesday, July 22, 2021
Guarantee for Goods in Electronic Form

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy has signed the law on the provision of electronic guarantee for goods № 1603-IX, which provides for the possibility of obtaining by the consumer operational documents and warranty obligations in electronic form

The adoption of the law is relevant because today consumers are buying more and more goods through online stores. Many companies offer registration in personal accounts to effectively communicate with them and provide access to operational documents.

What the electronic warranty bill provides:

  • provides for the ability to provide operational documents for technically complex household goods, warranty coupons in electronic form, rather than in paper form;
  • retains the possibility of obtaining such documents at the request of the consumer in paper form;
  • provides that in the case of providing warranty obligations in electronic form, the manufacturer can register the purchased goods on the official website.

It can be a passport or any other document for technically complex household goods.

The government also adopted the law On the protection of consumer rights regarding warranty obligations in electronic form  №4185.

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