Happy New Year, Ukraine! Christmas Photos

Photos of holiday trees in the cities of Ukraine, the embroideries of which combine holiday and war
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Ukraine's end of December and the beginning of January is the most festive period

We celebrate Christmas twice (Catholics on December 25 and Orthodox on January 7), and the night from December 31 to January 1 is New Year's Day.

During this period, Ukraine changes. This is 1 of the 3 New Year trees in Kyiv. Particularly this tree is located at the railway station

Take a closer look: it is decorated with shreds of fabric from which kikimoras (camouflage military costumes) are woven. In addition to "military" decorations, a garland also hangs on the branches. How in your opinion a city that lacks electricity even for residential buildings and offices can afford it? Very simple: the lights of the garlands are fed through an exercise bike (you see it in a photo), on which everyone can sit, pedal and give a little New Year's glow to the festive Christmas tree. 

This is a Christmas tree on Sophia square. The central Christmas tree of Ukraine

Now Kyiv does not have the funds to buy and decorate the city, so local patrons have done this voluntarily and for free.

The first Christmas tree in Kyiv. It is on the subway. Ukrainians admire it when they sit in the subway, waiting for the end of the air attack and dreaming of returning home
And this is a Christmas tree in Lviv. Its top is decorated with a luminous model of an anti-tank hedgehog

We are sure that this is the last military New Year in Ukraine. And we will remember the period, which didn't break but united us.

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