Come See the First and Last Military New Year Tree in Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Saturday, December 17, 2022
Come See the First and Last Military New Year Tree in Ukraine

A military New Year tree is being decorated on Sofiyskaya square in Kyiv

At the beginning of December, Ukraine is changing in anticipation of Christmas and the New Year. This year the holidays will be held in conditions of war. In Ukraine, there is not enough electricity and other resources, so there will be no standard central Christmas tree on Sophia square. However, in such a terrible time, we all need a reason to rejoice, so there will still be a Christmas tree. And very special.

The artificial 12-meter Christmas tree will be decorated with last year's yellow and blue toys, as well as energy-saving garlands powered by power generators. Separately, on the trees, there will be figurines of white doves — a symbol of peace, on the top of the tree — the coat of arms of Ukraine Tryzub, and below — the flags of states that help Ukraine win the war. Instead of the traditional New Year's fair, a small point of invincibility will be located on the square.

The Christmas tree, decorations, illumination and everything else are fully sponsored by local patrons. The city's government will only hand over last year's toys. Glory to Ukraine!

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