USA Will Provide Ukraine With Heavy Weapons

by Olha Povaliaieva
Saturday, May 28, 2022
USA Will Provide Ukraine With Heavy Weapons

The administration of the US president approved the request of Ukraine to supply MLRS systems

We have previously reported that Mykhailo Podoliak — advisor to the head of the presidential office has proposed a solution to fight the occupiers in the Black Sea and Donbas. The Black Sea deblock means that there is no threat of missile strikes against port cities and that food exports are resumed.

On May 28, it was reported that America has accepted the request of Podoliak, the president of Ukraine, and other politicians. Thus, the United States of America will provide Ukrainian soldiers with tactical missile launches — MLRS systems. This was reported by The New York Times with reference to American officials at Joe Biden’s office. There has not yet been official confirmation of the information. America is expected to make such a statement early next week.

The president’s Office has already reacted to the news in The New York Times.  The head of the president’s office is pleased with America’s decision. He tweeted about it.

"MLRS is exactly what we need now in the war with Russia to hold, stop and win. We are waiting for the official decision on supplies," wrote the head of the presidential office Andrii Yermak.

American MLRS systems will become the most powerful weapon that the Ukrainian army now has. Earlier it became known that Washington will transfer to Ukraine multiple launch rocket systems Himars. They move on the chassis of wheeled trucks, which makes them easier to maintain and more accessible.

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