Hazelnut Garden of 500 Hectares of Ukrainian Agricultural Holding

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, February 7, 2022
Hazelnut Garden of 500 Hectares of Ukrainian Agricultural Holding

Ukrainian agribusiness holding is implementing a large-scale hazelnut growing project

Agricultural holding Gals Agro is one of the 50 largest land tenants in Ukraine and is distinguished by an in-depth diversification of activity areas. A multidisciplinary group of companies develops 40.000 hectares of crops and is one of the leaders in sugar production, specializing in turkey farming, pig farming, and dairy production. It has also built 6six biogas stations. The company is a leading producer of sugar.

It is known that 360 hectares of hazelnut were planted in the previous 3 years, 40 hectares planned to be planted this year, and another 100 hectares in the following year.

Its owner told that success in growing apples, the harvest of which is fully exported, prompted the management of the agricultural holding to another ambitious project — hazelnut one. The garden is located in the Tetiev district of the Kyiv region. Further development of the hazelnut project has already been outlined but will be announced to the public at the end of the project's first phase.

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