Head of NATO Military Committee Visits Ukraine for the First Time Since War’s Onset

by Cheplyk Roman
Thursday, March 21, 2024
Head of NATO Military Committee Visits Ukraine for the First Time Since War’s Onset

Rob Bauer, the Chair of the NATO Military Committee, made a historic visit to Ukraine on March 21, marking the first time NATO’s highest military official has visited the country since the escalation of the conflict more than two years ago

During his visit, Bauer engaged in discussions at the Kyiv Security Forum, signifying the deepening ties between NATO and Ukraine amidst the ongoing conflict.

In a post on the X social network, Bauer expressed his gratitude for the chance to meet with Ukraine's political and military leadership firsthand. He lauded the resilience and bravery exhibited by the Ukrainian people in the face of adversity, both on the battlefield and beyond.

Bauer pointedly criticized Russian President Vladimir Putin's motivations for waging war against Ukraine, attributing it to a fear of democracy—a force he considers far more potent than any physical weapon. He suggested that Putin's apprehension stems from the possibility of the Russian populace desiring democratic rights akin to those of the Ukrainian people, contrasting the rule of law with the prevailing law of force in Russia.

Highlighting the stark differences between the leadership in Russia and Ukraine, Bauer condemned the Russian regime's oppressive actions against its citizens and adversaries, including the exploitation of soldiers and the abduction of Ukrainian children. In contrast, he commended the Ukrainian leadership for its staunch resistance against aggression and efforts to combat corruption and strengthen democratic institutions.

Bauer confidently stated that Ukraine would triumph over the Russian invaders and reclaim its territorial integrity. He cited Putin's underestimation of Ukraine's resolve and NATO's unity as strategic blunders, asserting that with NATO's support, Ukraine is poised for victory. His statements reinforced the alliance's commitment to supporting democracy over autocracy, freedom over oppression, and light over darkness.

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