HIMARS and Freedom of Action

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, June 3, 2022
HIMARS and Freedom of Action

The US ambassador to Ukraine said that Ukraine will decide for itself how far to use multiple rocket launchers

Ukraine requested from the United States and salvo systems of 300 meters or more, but for political reasons, Ukraine was refused. However, the US decided to transfer HIMARS to protect our borders with a range of 80 km.

In an interview with reporters, Bridget Brink expressed her opinion on the use of HIMARS.

"As president Biden announced yesterday, a $700 million security package has been signed. It includes HIMARS systems, which are long-range artillery systems. This will help Ukrainian forces deliver more accurate strikes at a greater distance. At what distance the Ukrainian forces themselves will determine," Bridget Brink.

The ambassador also added that it was Russia that attacked Ukraine and not vice versa. And the whole world is watching Russia's illegal violation of the inviolability of our state's borders.

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