History of the Pilot “Ghost of Kyiv”

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, December 7, 2022
History of the Pilot “Ghost of Kyiv”

Andrii, a 2nd generation pilot, directed his fighter jet at a cluster of Russian aircraft, thus protecting Kyiv from the occupation

Kyiv still remains desirable for Putin. Naturally, from the beginning of the war, Ukraine's capital was the central figure in the tyrant's fantasies. Kyiv was defended by a special detachment of military pilots, which Kyivans themselves called Ghosts of Kyiv.

1 of the ghosts, officer Andrii Lyutashin, died on March 8 defending Kyiv. His fighter was hit by enemy aircraft, so he sent it to the column of invaders, which flew to the capital and exploded along with them. The rest of the ghosts say that his last words before self-sacrifice were "Guys, we'll live!"

Andrii was born in Chernihiv. His father was a pilot, and mother also worked in the aviation headquarters. The boy's hobby turned into a profession. Andrii graduated from the Chernihiv military school, and served in the city of Uman. In 2014, when Russia attacked Donetsk/Luhansk and Crimea, Andrii returned to the service after several years of retirement.

From the first day of the war in 2022, Andrii participated in air battles against Russian aviation. For numerous victories over the invaders, Andrii and his colleagues were nicknamed Ghosts of Kyiv.

"Guys, we'll live!" said Andrii on March 8, directing his flaming fighter jet at the cluster of Russian fighter jets flying towards Kyiv.

In April 2022, tactical aviation brigade officer Andrii Lyutashin was posthumously awarded the title of Hero of Ukraine.

We remind you that on February 25, the engineer of a separate battalion, sailor Skakun Vitalii deliberately exploded along with the bridge, thus stopping the advance of Russian tanks into Ukraine. Of course, he was awarded the title of Hero of Ukraine. However, not a single title conveys the fullness of pain and gratitude of Ukrainians for each such sacrifice.

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