Hold Kherson at Any Cost

by Olha Povaliaieva
Saturday, June 18, 2022
Hold Kherson at Any Cost

Russian invaders may shell cities in the Kherson region under the flag of Ukraine

The Kherson region in the southern part of the country was captured almost without a fight and resistance. This was facilitated by collaborators. But even this did not save civilians from violence and abuse by the Russian army. Now the armed forces of Ukraine are approaching the liberation of the regional center — Kherson. According to the Institute of war research and the general staff of the armed forces of Ukraine, the defenders are no more than 10 km from the city. Such events force the Russian military to take action.

"Russians are further strengthening reserve positions in the Kherson and Mykolaiv regions, probably in response to Ukrainian counterattacks. In particular, they improved defensive positions. Russian forces are also dismantling concrete irrigation facilities in the Kherson region to hide heavy artillery from Ukrainian strikes," reports the ISW.

However, analysts suggest that the Russian invaders may go to other measures. Given the manner of warfare, Russians may resort to provocations to take away the support of the people from the Ukrainian army.

"Russian troops may launch attacks under a false flag around Kherson to prevent civilian support for Ukrainian counter-offensive operations," the Institute of war research reports.

On June 15, the occupiers had already used similar tactics. The Russian army struck the city market in Chernobayevka. After eight years of "rehearsed" tactics, the Russians accused the Ukrainians of attacking civilian infrastructure.

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