Holland Creates Russian War Crimes Tribunal

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, October 21, 2022
Holland Creates Russian War Crimes Tribunal

The Dutch parliament voted to establish a tribunal in Hague to prosecute Putin

On October 20, the Dutch parliament voted by a majority to establish a special tribunal in Hague to pursue war crimes committed by the Russian army on the territory of Ukraine. This was reported by parliamentarians from the D66 party Sjoerd Wiemer Sjoerdsma.

"Majority of the Dutch parliament in favour of establishing a special tribunal to judge Russia's act of aggression against Ukraine. We can and must bring Putin to justice," Sjoerd Wiemer Sjoerdsma.

D66 believes that creating a separate tribunal for such a large-scale crime as an unprovoked war is an entirely logical task. Putin, the military leadership, and those who participated in the destruction of Ukrainians will be tried at the "putin's" tribunal.

We remind you that on September 22, the president of Ukraine appointed executors to monitor and participate in the process of creating a particular tribunal to bring to justice all the perpetrators and executors of the war against Ukraine.

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