“Holtec International” Considers Ukraine to Build Its Plant 

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, August 30, 2022
“Holtec International” Considers Ukraine to Build Its Plant 

With the availability of economic assistance to Ukraine from the West, "HI" will launch the production of spare parts for a modular reactor here

Chris Singh, CEO of Holtec International, said that over the past few years, he has been exploring the possibility of opening a manufacturing plant for components for the SMR-160 small modular reactor in Ukraine.

"In the past few years, our goal has been to create a production centre in Ukraine to meet the needs of your country, as well as regional needs, such as nuclear power plants in Poland, Romania, that is, the Eastern European region. Therefore, we really want to build production facilities in Ukraine — the most modern plant that will produce SMR-160 components. We hope the West will provide economic assistance to Ukraine to make this happen," Chris Singh.

According to the CEO, modern SMR-160s are incredibly safe, and their functionality is straightforward. When installing this type of reactor, there is no need to install a pump or engine to ensure the station's safety.

"It can be deployed near the Dnipro, where there are many Ukrainian nuclear power plants today, or in the middle of a field where corn or sunflower grows. After all, for the cooling required by the power plant, in the case of the SMR-160, air can be used. The SMR-160 is so secure that if terrorists were to take over the control room, they would not be able to blow up the station, but only stop it," Chris Singh.

Holtec International has already worked in Ukraine and knows how to function here. In August 2021, Holtec International built the centralized storage of nuclear fuel in Chornobyl. On August 13, a certificate of compliance with the CSNF was received.

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