Opening of the Centralized Storage of Nuclear Fuel in Chernobyl

Wednesday, August 25, 2021
Opening of the Centralized Storage of Nuclear Fuel in Chernobyl

The launch of the first CSNF in Ukraine will bring to the treasury more than $200 million annually

On August 13, a certificate of compliance of the completed construction of the first start-up complex with its design documentation was received. The State Architectural and Construction Inspection of Ukraine has confirmed this.

Work on the construction of the CSNF lasted since 2017, and the new contractor completed it in 7 months. The customer of the project is the Ukrainian concern Energoatom. In less than a year, the contractor has adjusted the work of the cranes, the supply of the only universal mobile tractor unit in Ukraine on a combined track to receive trains that transport fuel. Among other things, the installation of radiation monitoring systems, commutator communication and radio link, a control system for the central storage facility was carried out.

Since the Chernobyl accident, that is, since 1986, Ukraine has been exporting nuclear waste to Russia, which costs the country $200 million per year. With the launch of the domestic CSNF, Ukraine will be able to use the released money for the needs of the country, as well as ensure its energy independence and security.

The test run of the CSNF has already taken place: a special train delivered the first container to the storage facility along the reconstructed Vilcha-Yanov railway section, 43 km long.

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