Hope for Healthy Life

by Roman Cheplyk
Thursday, March 9, 2023
Hope for Healthy Life

Ukraine conducted several successful operations to restore severed limbs

This was stated by deputy defence minister Hanna Maliar. According to the statement, the operations were conducted for the defenders of Ukraine, who suffered on the battlefield. Maliar made a statement about successful limb recovery operations only after personally talking to the soldiers.

"I personally spoke to such a wounded person. He was thus able to restore his hand. Now he is in rehabilitation," said the minister.

The creation of a new system improved the quality of medicine in wartime. The Ukrainian system was the first in the world to integrate civilian and military medicine. This makes it possible to remove the wounded from the battlefield and immediately transport them to medical facilities, where they are subjected to essential procedures. Ukraine now employs specialists who can save the wounded from almost all kinds of damage.

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